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Kevin McKenna,  President and CIO of Main Line Capital Management,  traces his work  in the markets  back to the formative  years of the modern 'Hedge Fund' industry. During the early 1980's, the  economy was quickly recovering from  several severe recessions dating to the 1970's.  Wall Street  responded to this new growth opportunity  by  expanding  the services offered to their institutional level  clients.  But, it was quickly realized  that  the retail investor  was the real star of early 1980's market place.  The investment  demands of this newly burgeoning  retail client prompted  many institutional level firms to begin servicing this significant  opportunity. New and revolutionary advisory services  and product offerings  were  created and rolled out.  To create greater efficiency, these varied services were brought in  under one roof and Wall Street quickly found success in serving both the institutional and retail market clients  -  simultaneously.  Wall Street firms also  took advantage  of the computer revolution that had coincided with the investor revolution and now offered unprecedented levels of  access to all investors.  This all had the end effect of   turning the financial services industry on its head. As the United States GDP soared - the markets boomed. The Bull Market era of the 80's had begun.



Mr. McKenna joins the Institutional and Retail Markets  division of Jefferies & Company  -at the firms  New York City headquarters. The  unit - called the Corporate Cash Management Group - was an outgrowth of the  legendary 3rd Market trading firms newly  concentrated efforts on providing cash management  and retail investment solutions for corporation clients  and their senior managers.



Mr. McKenna and a team of 5 are recruited by   Prudential Equity Group ( Known as Prudential Bache Securities) to expand the firms presence in corporate cash management. As a founding partner of the group that is  based in the Melville, New York  - the team raises over $100 million of new capital from corporate clients in 1985. The Prudential Insurance Company found this  business model to be  exceptionally successful and  uses it  as a blueprint for a nationwide roll-out of individualized account management offerings  for their  retail investors. The model becomes an offering called MACS : Managed Assets Consulting Services.



Mr. McKenna was the first executive recruited  in the establishment of a new Suburban Buffalo office for Merrill Lynch & Company. This office served both  corporations and High Net Worth clients with investment and business financing solutions. In 1996, Mr. McKenna assisted senior  executives  in the post-IPO Non-Taxable exchange program of the  Westinghouse Brake Corporation (now called Wabtec and listed on the NYSE: WAB). In 2003, the Buffalo  office ranked first in the North East   for Syndicated & Structured Loans. This was  due to the efforts of Mr. McKenna and his work in  the implementation of a complete restructuring and refinancing a package for a chain of grocery stores in Upstate Pennsylvania.



After spending 21 years as an executive and corporate manager for three of the largest and most successful Wall Street corporations, Mr. McKenna branches out and  starts  his own firm. With the financial commitment and encouragement of several corporate and individual clients -  Main Line Capital Management is opened as a 'Family Office' management firm in  Buffalo New York.  The firm is designed to serve only a  small group of High Net Worth Individuals and their immediate families.



Establishment of the MLCM, LLC Schwab Institutional platform with the addition of  a services offering  for   retail clients.


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